Sunday, March 29, 2009

Halloween progress WIP's

Happy Sunday!!!
I stitched on my three Halloween WIP's Friday nite and Saturday. Here is Lizzie Kate Boo Club

to see the other WIP's you can visit Spooky Stitchers SAL.
That does it for my update photo's on all my WIP's. So now I better go stitch, or I won't be posting anytime soon, lol

I was lucky enough to win this over at Cathey's blog

"I" is for Ice Skater by The Victoria Sampler with the accessory pack. Many Thanks to ya Cathey. It's so funny, I forgot to put in the comment to add me and thought heck I won't win anyway. Well, she threw in my name and I won. So from now on I won't be telling you to add me to your draw, lol.
This is what I picked up at the library

Shadows of Lancaster County by Mindy Starns Clark and Crochet Hats by Candi Jensen.
Hopefully I can succeed at making a beanie tonite, if I get a chance.
Happy Stitching!!!
And don't forget to floss!!


Mylene said...

Great progress on your Halloween project and congrats on the win.
I love Victoria Sampler's design but haven't stitch any of hers yet.

Kathy A. said...

Nice LK Halloween progress, nice win, and good finds at the library.
I'm off to floss lol

Patti said...

I love the Halloween things but I'm so committed now it just isn't true. So even though I really love them I can't join you guys. And congratulations on your win. Love Patti xxx

tkdquintmom said...

I just love the L*K's...I have them I just don't know what fabby I want to do it on yet! *ugh*

Tammy said...

Your 'ween project is coming along great! I adore that color of linen, and see myself getting some soon! In Re: to your question about the orts----I do absolutely nothing with them on the full moon, lol. Just take a pic and post it. It's the easiest SAL ever! :p

Daffycat said...

Great blog win!

Wonderful progress on the LK! I really love the fabric ~ what color?

Pumpkin said...

Wow Ranae! You sure have a lot of WIPs on the go. I had better stay away from you ;o) Your LK Halloween Flip Its look awesome on that color.

I'm glad it arrived and in one piece too! Enjoy!

Christine said...

Great progress on the LK, and congratulations on your prize.
Let us know how your crocheted beanie comes out.

tintocktap said...

Hmm, love the look of that Crochet Hats book, and of your LK stitching!

Brigitte said...

Boo Club looks fantastic on that great green fabric. A colour just like made for the design.
Congratulations on winning such a nice give-away.

Julie said...

Congrats on your win.
Love the colour of the fabby on the L*K.
So looking forward to seeing your crotchet beanie, crotchet is something i cant do.

Stitchingranny said...

good progress and love the vs you won.

Ginnie said...

Your Halloween piece is looking lovely, the fabric colour really sets it off. Enjoy your new "I" chart, I am about 3/4 way through "D" and it has been very enjoyable.

Sally said...

Your Halloween L*Ks are coming along really well.

Congratulations on the win!

Carla said...

Spooky is looking great!!
Congrats on the win :)

Michelle said...

Wonderful progress - it looks great.
Love Michelle x

Tara said...

Hi huni,
Wow great work on your halloween project, and a bg congratutaions on your never win anything.
Will get photos of the bonsai and put on my page this week still in a lots of pain after silly jab in shoulder yesterday but hopeing it will be fine by tomorrow and i can carry on with my stitching getting withdrawal syptoms. Have a great week hun. Lots of love from across the miles, Tara xx

mainely stitching said...

Great progress and congratulations on your win!

Natasha said...

The halloween project is coming along nicely, I really like the fabric you are using. And the items you won, WOW

I read about the PTP sale somewhere in my browsing I think it was either the Vicki Clayton website or on someones blog. I really dont remember. But I could not resist. I usually do not buy fabric becasue it costs more $$ than I can usually spend but with alittle discount it was well worth it...

Take Care

Nancy said...

I love all three of your Halloween WIPs. Isn't the green linen just perfect for Halloween?

CindyMae said...

Your Halloween WIP looks fantastic! That is such a cute design! Congrats on winning, that is a great gift!

Eva said...

Great progress!
Please stop check my blog for a surprise.

Kajsa said...

Your Spooky time looks great! I love the fabric you choose, do you remember what it was?

Lillie said...

Loved the green fabric. Congrads on wining the VS, its such a beautiful design.

Anonymous said...
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Tara said...

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