Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy dance and a rant

Hello! I will show you my finish first, that way you can skip the rant if you want

"Letters, Leprechauns and Luck" by Blue Ribbon Designs
stitched on 28 ct Water Lily stitched with GA and DMC
Good thing I had only one square to finish, the way I am feeling. I had started the Chequer Stitch, but ripped it out. I am not in the mood to finish the border. I am a stitcher that can not stitch when I am out of sorts and that is me right now, lol (not really funny)
o.k. here goes the rant
My DH did work on two trucks, the total bill was for 4,200. The workers from the small company came and picked up the trucks late on friday afternoon with two checks to pay the total bill. Saturday, my DH receives a check for 2,900. from the company ( 1300.less) He goes to the bank to see if the two checks from Friday was cancelled, no not yet, they still had them there and said it was fraud or a scam and made copies for my DH. My DH then makes a call to the company and talks with one of the owners and tell them the other owner will talk to him on Monday. Well, in the mean time we talked to a good friend that was a police officer and now is a detecive and tells him not to cash the 2900. check, which I told him not to do on Saturday. Monday came and my dh called the owner, that produced not a thing. Is this stealing??? My dh got hold of a police officer, that referred him to the sheriff. Sheriff said it was a civil suit, nothing they could do about it.WTF!!!! He talked to the Attorney General same thing. So now dh is getting hold of BBB today. So now we are out of 1300.00 and this guys gets away with it. There is small claim court, but dh is trying to make a decent living here and has no time for court.I wonder if I can go buy a car, pay in full and then turn around cancel the check and send him a smaller amount?? probably not, I would be blogging behind bars. I am so fuming here, it is hard to do anything. This is not the first time being business owners and losing money to dead beats, but this is a nasty trick. If someone doesn't pay a bill, my dh gets to keep the vehicle until paid in full, (usually he works out
payments though) So, something tells me this is not first time they have did this.
I won't have anymore stitching until this gets settled, I am one of those where I can't stitch if I am stressed. I just hope it doesn't last too long. I have tried to stitch today and just can't sit still and then I get thinking and I mess up my stitches. The kitty here can sense the tension, she wants to jump in my lap as soon as I sit. Bless her little heart.
Happy Stitching!!!


CindyMae said...

First of all, your finish looks fantastic!!! You done an amazing job!

Now about your rant . . . The is horrible!! It amazes me what people can get away with! I do hope that everything works out for ya'll though!! I understand about not being able to stitch when stressed, I am the same way!

mainely stitching said...

People who are in small business for themselves just get horribly taken advantage of, I know. My mom's had her own businesses through the years and Ive seen it happen again and again (and again!). Best wishes!!

Kathy A. said...

Oh hun that is so unfair!! I hope that things get straightened out soon. I cannot imagine you not stitching.

Your finish is great!! Way to go girl!

KimV said...

Ranae ~ That STINKS (not your stitching...) Some people do things that make you wonder how they ever came up with it in the first place ~ obviously not much for morals... I wish your DH and you less stress and that somehow it all gets resolved to your satisfaction! You stitching is lovely and Thanks for my scissor fob... it's beautiful... I posted it on my blog.

Annie said...

Love the game board.

Sorry to hear about the awful problems. Hope you get it sorted out somehow and can calm down about it.

Mylene said...

Your finish looks great!

I am sorry to hear about what happened, do hope it get sorted out soon.

tkdquintmom said...

The finish looks great by the way! Regarding the civil issue...take them to court and have the court costs fines, fees, attorney, etc...all and any of it a part of your suit! Make them pay for every dime. The made an agreement, they need to stick to it. I'm so sorry you have to go through this.

Vicky L said...

Congrats on your finish. It is beautiful. I have been watching it grow. Beautiful stitching.
That is terrible of what happened. I am sorry it happened.

Patti said...

Of course it's stealing but if your dh puts in the check for the smaller amount he is in effect accepting this payment. On the upside your stitching is gorgeous and to be totally honest I really don't know what I would do about the second check. IT SUCKS!! It really does and I"m so sorry. Lots of Love Patti xxx

Daffycat said...

Wow, it's already done! Congratulations! ***happy dance***

staci said...

Congrats on you lovely finish!

I'm so sorry about your husband not getting his money! How horrible!!! I hope everything works out for you {{hugs}}}

Cindy F. said...

Congrats on your beautiful Blue Ribbon finish!! I love it!
You know what they say about karma?
Those people will get what they gave you threefold!! SHAME ON THEM!! and your husband probably would have worked out a payment plan with them if they'd asked!
I can't stitch stressed out either!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

The finish looks great.

OH Ranae that is horrible that they are doing that to you. I so wish I could have my own business... then again not sure what issues I would have to deal with.

Sadie said...

Firstly, congratulations on such a lovely finish. It looks beautiful.
Onto the scam, I really hope it gets sorted out, what a horrible thing to do. Hope you are back to stitching soon. x

Vonna said...

I absolutely adore your finish :) I think it is bright and cheery and just pretty!

I'm so sorry that someone has shafted you...it happens to good people all the time - but they'll get their just rewards too...some way, some how it will happen.

Mary Ann said...

I love your finish! And, I'm sorry to hear how you and DH were cheated. I hope it gets straightened out in you favor soon.

Brigitte said...

I'm so sorry to hear what is happening to you and what you and your husband have to go through. What I will never understand is how these people can get away with this. I do hope that there is a solution for you so that you can get the money that should be yours.

Congratulations on a wonderful finish. Hopefully you will be able to continue your stitching soon.

Julie said...

Aww Ranae, my heart goes out to you, we too are business owners and its bad enough making ends meet in this present economic climate without low lifes like this pulling a scam. I hope you can get it sorted.

BTW your finish is just gorgeous.
{{big hug}}

Melanie said...

Lovely finish! I love Blue Ribbon Designs.

So sorry to hear of your business woes...I sure hope you'll be able to get all monies owed.

Beatrice said...

Oh my that is just beautiful..Congrats on the finish.

I hope things straiten out for you.
What a mess. Good luck!

p/s my mom is working on a Dementions kit at the moment. I must take a photo and post it soon. Thanks for asking. She is amazing!

Lillie said...

Congrads on the finish. Its fabulous.

So sorry about DH's situation. Its just horrible. Ppl will just do anything these days for their own gains. I hoped everything works out without court issue. Hugs.

Carolyn said...

That is wrong what they did to your husband. It isn't right. No wonder the small business's go away and it is a shame because it is the small business's that are so much nicer to do business with.
I hope things work out.(((HUGS))). Your stitching is looking great. I am like you when I am stressed I can't sit and stitch.

Nancy said...

Your sampler is beautiful! I have always thought these designs looked so fun to stitch. You did a wonderful job!

Suzanne said...

Great finish, you must be pleased!

I am so sorry to hear of your DH's problems. I know someone who had their own business and was owed hundreds of thousands of dollars. The person never paid and declared bankrupcy. My friend lost their business, their home and almost all their possessions including his wife's wedding and engagement ring. Small business owners are always the target of unscrupulous people, it's just not fair. I hope all works out for your DH.

Sally said...

Oh, Ranae, I am so sorry to hear what happened to your DH. I do hope something gets sorted soon. There are some unscrupulous people out there. Sending lots of positive vibes.

Your finish looks absolutely wonderful:)

Aussie Stitcher said...

I hope that you find a solution to your problem, it is terrible to be taken advantage of like that. Your LL&L finish looks wonderful, well done!!

stitcherw said...

First, you've certainly been busy with your stitching since my last visit. Your Luck finish looks wonderful, and your start of LK's Halloween on the green looks great. Nice finish on the pillow too.

So sorry on the repairs, some people are just so rotten it's amazing. How a business can treat someone that way is beyond me. They've probably done it before and know the only recourse is small claims and that costs money and time which so many people don't have. I'll keep my fingers crossed that somehow you manage to get the money back.

Sharon said...

What a shame that has occurred. I tell you we are living in some very strange and hard times. Still there is no cause for that. I hope you all can get it worked out.

Your finish is great! Congrats.

Pumpkin said...

WOOHOO! I knew you could do it! Great job Ranae. You must be so pleased :o)

I'm sorry to hear this :o( And I'm sorry to say that happens every day in business. We had a landscape company and one customer paid part of their bill and then said "I think I've paid enough." Huh? When did 'they' decided how much it cost to landscape their yard???? It's a terrible thing to swallow and I wish life were not like that Ranae. I wish you all the luck in getting that money. Rant away in the meantime!!!!

Meari said...

Sorry to hear about the business deal gone bad. Unfortunately, it's true... The only way to settle it is Small Claims. Hopefully, it can be resolved outside of court, though.

Congrats on your finish :)