Friday, March 27, 2009

Wip's, finish and a walk

Happy Friday!!!
Everyone, most everyone wants to know why I don't care for QC very much. I don't like the 28 ct fabric and the color just is not right for me. I have really thought about starting it over on smaller count. I just have so much to stitch and can't stand the thought of all them stitches wasted. So I am going to bite my lip for a little longer on it. Hopefully closer to Christmas will do it for me.
Speaking of Christmas that reminds me of snow. There is a snow storm headed in our direction tomorrow and is suppose to dump 2"-4" of snow into tomorrow night. Southern Wisconsin is like 4"-8". Oh Well!! Chalk it up to "Stitch Time" for me.
Here is a few more WIP's

Blackbird Designs "Greeting's", loving it!!

"Princess Parade" by CCN, I can't wait to constuct the pink castle.

I finished stitching the woodpecker and started the deer last night. Prairie Schooler "Prairie Lodge" I beleive it is on Oatmeal Aida

I went for a early morning walk and for once remembered to bring my camera. There's not much to see when you live outta city limits and surrounded by fields.

This is looking up stream from my back yard. It is flooded, it's like triple the size.

Here's the Byron Nuclear Generating Station towers. We call it the cloud maker, lol. It's actually just steam. Your eyes o.k. it was hazey this morn. It's about oh! 20 miles from us. If it blows up, it probably wouldn't be enough to kill us, just turn us into mutant's. Kinda like what my jailer on Monopoly gameboard looks like, lol.
I think I captured a black spirit on my camera. I have not a clue what that black thing is. I went back up to the top of the road and dont see anything like that with the binoculars.

Here are my favorite neighbors, less then a block away, they came running up to my side of the fence looking for yummy apples or carrots

Have a super duper weekend. Thanks once again for your visits and all the support.
Update on the deceptive practice issue. My Dh called them last week and they agreed to pay 900.00 of the 1300.00. this week. . It's a little loss but we won't have to go to court and mess with the time or paperwork involved. We don't have a check as of today. DH won't do work for them anymore.
"Fool me once, shame on you,
Fool me twice, shame on me."
It's Frantic Friday around here, so I better scoot.
Happy Stitching!!


Annie said...

It's just too late for snow! This climate change thing is really no fun.

But your stitching is coming along nicely and it's also nice to have such lovely neighbors!

Glad you managed to recover some of the money. At least you can put that behind you now.

Have a great weekend!

Siobhan said...

You're making wonderful progress on some lovely WIPs. Woo!

I enjoyed the walk through your area with you, via your pictures. I hope you get to get some stitching in with the snow coming--time to hunker down with your needle & thread. :)

Mylene said...

You are doing great progress on all your WIP's.

Thanks for sharing the pictures around you.

Have a good weekend.

Patti said...

It's much much too late for snow! Didn't anybody tell them upstairs that it's too darn late for snow! You are making great progress on all your WIPs and I'm really sorry you aren't enjoying QC. I only use 28ct for over one now. I love over one on it but I must admit I do prefer higher counts. Lots of Love Patti xxx

Meghann said...

I recognize those cloud makers! I used to live in Rochelle :)

Tammy said...

Great pics! All your WIPS are looking good and I adore that BBD piece!

Suzanne said...

I love the photos of your walk, it's always nice to see a little of where other people live.

Your stitching is lovely, I especially love your BBD piece.

Good news for your DH, at least he recovered most of the money.

Michelle said...

You sure have lovely stitching goin' on there. And beautiful beautiful pictures! I love walks, too!

Keep warm, Ranae.

Melanie said...

Very nice WIPs...I especially like the woodpecker! Thanks for showing us your neck of the woods....I love the horses! Glad the business deal is working out in a way that is satisfactory.

Wendy said...

Spring has just started here too, now it is a rainy weekend. But I don't mind, because I will enjoy a relaxing and stitching weekend. But next week, we will have some nice sunny days.

Love all of your projects, you did a wonderful job on them.

Lovely pics too, especially of the horses, but I'm a big horselover.

Christine said...

Snow? Ugh, not funny! Great progress on your WIPs.
Thanks for sharing the photos of your walk. The woodpecker is beautiful

tkdquintmom said...

It all looks great from here! Oh the horses! They are so pretty. Here's hoping you don't become a three eyed fish like on the Simpsons with that plant nearby! LOL

Dani - tkdchick said...

Great progress on all of your WIP's

Good for you taking your camera on your walk you've got plenty to shoot!!!

CindyMae said...

Beautiful progress on your WIP's!! I think there is such beauty to see when living out of city limits! Your neighbors are just fantastic and I wish I had couple for myself!!!

Julie said...

Dont send the snow here please, its really cold today and i want my sunshine back!

Super pics of you neighbourhood, love the birdie. Nice WIP pics too.

Lucy said...

Love the Spring pics!!! (and the horses!)

mainely stitching said...

It's stinky that your DH has to eat that loss, but I agree that going to court has little sense. I hope his future customers are better!! (Always a worry when self-employed, eh?)

Love your photos! I'd love to live near such friendly horses! :D

And your stitching is a joy. :D

Tara said...

Woow the photos are amazing and you have bee very busy with your sewing my days just seem to melt into hours and recently finding that i hardly get anytime to do this morning baking bread removing grey's from my hair !!! OMG i'm going grey and busy undateing blogs. Keep up the good work huni.
Love Tara xx

Laura said...

All three of your ongoing projects look wonderful, and I am looking forward to seeing updates. And I enjoyed seeing the pictures you took on your walk. I love your 'neighbors' :-).

Brigitte said...

Ranae, I love all your WIPs. No wonder, these are some of my favourite designers.
I hope that snow storm didn't bring you too much snow. We were having snow each morning during the last week. Until Friday when it started to rain and this melted the snow away. Fortunately.
Your outdoor pictures are so lovely.

Pumpkin said...

You've been busy starting new projects :o) Looking good Ranae!

I guess it paid off to take your camera! Love the horses but then again, I have a soft heart for them.

Glad to hear that they agreed to pay some of the money owed. I hope you get the money in your hands very soon though. Fingers crossed for you.

Sally said...

Lots of lovely WIPs here Ranae:)Love the look of the BBD one.

Beautiful photos of your area. It looks so nice and quiet.

I'm glad that your DH will be getting some of his money.

Carla said...

Nice progress on all three!
I'm loving the Blackbird piece you're stitching!!!

Kajsa said...

You have the cutest neighbours! Lovely pictures from your walk.

Nice WIP pictures too. I probably wouldn't do a new start on CQ either, it would bug me to have put so much time into it and get nothing for it. CQ looks great BTW!

Cindy said...

Great pictures! I have Princess Parade in my "to do" pile.

I hurried home from MN on Saturday to beat the impending storm, and had clear sailing all of the way through WI and until just south of the 90/39 interchange. It was freezing rain then. Did you get much snow out of that? We just wound up with a lot of rain and a dusting of snow overnight here.