Friday, February 1, 2008

January's ATS progress

Happy Weekend!!
My clicky finger is really moving today over the sites that have the Super Bowl sales. I filled my gas tank up the other day at 2.98 a gallon ready to travel to a needle shop, but Mother Nature dumped 7" yesterday into last night. I am hoping the roads will get better for tomorrow and DH will drive me. It's in by Chicago and the news says they received 10"+

I bought a new tote for my stash and its not full, so I really feel the need to fill it, lol. I heard a quote the other day, "Don't stop living just to save money" Believe me I wont stop living, lol. I plan to live forever to do all my stitching, lol.

Here's a month's worth of stitching. I dont think I will ever get this much done in a month again. I have page one almost done. I need deep sea to finish a few small motifs. finish the leaves on the tree, grapes and the angel. I may take out the bs in the angel's wings, becuz one side is alot darker, it just does not balance out right. It sticks out like a sore thumb to me.

Here's small progress on the mystery SAL. I finally got my fabby and started the other day. Three parts are already out. Egads!!! I better get a stitchin'

This morning I ordered over $100. worth of threads, not including the few charts I picked out, all on sale. Does anyone ever spend that much money on floss at one time?

24 skeins are for Quaker Christmas, so that right there is 36.00.

Oh well!! Time to read a few blogs and then off to take a power nap.

Happy Stitching!!

P.S. For any stitchers living in Florida, if you can email me and direct to me to your favorite LNS, I would really appreciate it. We are leaving on the 15th of Feb. and staying with in-laws in Lake Placid, however we will be all over the state visiting.


Chiloe said...

I never spent that much on flosses but I spent good money on hand dye fabrics !!!

I remember when we used to pay 0.99 cents a gallon for gas in Texas ... Then it kept going up ....

Teejay said...

Your stitching looks marvelous on this piece.

Julie said...

WOW such progress, it looks wonderful

No, i never spent that much on floss in one go ..

The price of fuel here in the UK is terrible and it keeps rising

Stitch Wizard said...

Oh Ranae your And they sinned is so pretty already!! Wow you are doing such a great job on that! I think that is such a pretty project! I would love to spend 100.00 on some NPI silks but can't afford to do that. Stitching Bits and Bobs is having a super bowl sale, but it is just not a good thing this week. I think it is great that you got some new stash!! Debby :)

Sally said...

ATS looks fantastic and your mystery sampler is so cute!

Never spent that much on thread! I spent about $13 in the JJ's superbowl sale yesterday on GAST and WDW for the new Loose feathers chart!

Beatrice said...

I went into Micheal's last summer and spent $94.00 on DMC floss. I wanted to update my color stash and I did that!!!
Your piece is looking soooo nice.I wouldn't change a thing!
We pay $1.00 a liter... you do the math yuck!

Kathy said...

ATS is looking good. So many small motifs. Not sure I would ever under take something like that. Then again I am doing VoHRH.

Love to hear about your stash enhancing. I see where Stitch 'n Things is having an online sale tomorrow. They had an in shop one today, but they are in Michigan and I am in Kansas. Online works for me. Have a couple of projects in mind that I could spend the same amount on fiber. Never done it at one time. Just spread it over time.

Itching To Stitch said...

Your ATS is incredible. This is the most progress I've seen anyone make on this piece ;)

stitcherw said...

Great progress. I think I'd do the one wing's outline over too, it is much lighter than the other. The Mystery one is looking very cute, who is the mystery SAL with? Love the colors.

Wanda said...

Progress is looking great. I have spent more than that on floss I bought all my silks for the village I want even say what that total was!

Barbara said...

I haven't spent that much in one go on threads ... yet! LOL!!

I also remember when everyone was freaking out because gas topped $1/gal. And now look at us!

Pumpkin said...

WOW! You did ALL that stitching in one month? You are fast :o) It looks lovely though and I can see what you mean about the backstitching. Can you get two parts of the same colored thread to do both sides?

The Mysteral SAL is so cute and I joined the group last month. Do you have any idea how I get Part 1?

Sigh! I was really good and didn't even put an order in...yet ;o)

Suzanne said...

Don't feel that your alone, I spent about that much yesterday on thread and then twice that on fabric and patterns the day before.

ATS and you mystery sampler are both looking good. I can't believ that you have done som much on ATS in such a short time.

Fuel is expensive here as well, it moves about from about $1.35 to $1.50 a litre.

tkdchick said...

Stash tote! Ha I've got a stash room!

Carla said...

Great progress on ATS!!! Glad you finally got the fabric for the Mystery SAL, you've made a great start...this is the next piece in my rotation, I hope to finish at least part 1 when I'm done with my 10 hours.