Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Earth Sampler Dance

Happy Saturday!!
Whew! what a week without a kitchen, more on that later.

I have a finish to share.

Friday nite SAL with Suzanne

Earth Sampler by The Primitive Needle

stitched on 40ct Ale w/GA & WDW threads

Any votes for the next stitch. Take a pick!

Hollow Sampler or Mystic Sampler

I finally received my JCS Halloween

That prompted a FOB giveaway

so take a pick out of one of these and leave a comment on this post.

There is a non-Halloween, so if your not a fan you can choose the other one.

I can't wait to see what this ad is all about, it's sure piqued my interest

I did a trade for one of my charts and this was Myra's end. They are all so beautiful and I loved getting something in the mail to offset that dang kitchen scene, lol

Thanks so much, you went overboard on your end.

I also received this Deer in the Woods Sampler

from CJ. Thanks so much
This is some new stash I acquired

that also come in the mail this week. I love my mail lady

I have been mowing the front lawn and all the season
This little sweet birdie has been diving bombing at me, everytime I mow. The bird sits on this wire that runs from the road to the house and torments me. It refuses not to look at me when the camera is in hand, how rude is that?! lol

I can get right up close to her and he/she will not flinch, but I do, lol

Hmmm!! Your in luck.... that spider is no where to be found

O.k. here's the eye sore

The dry wall is out where the tile refused to come off. The soffit is out. The electrician has done all the wiring for the switches, plugs, under cabinet lighting and for the pendulum lights where the soffit was.

Next weeks agenda...

The floor ripped out, the plaster guy comes for the ceiling, the drywall goes up and hopefully the start of cabinets, is that too much to expect?! lol.

Oh yeah! almost forgot the Wednesday nite SAL.

Sunflower House by Blackbird Designs

It seems like it has taken me forever to make this post. I am behind in my google reader, but am slowly recovering from the hundreds.

I have almost a 100 followers, that will prompt a giveaway, so watch for that.

A special Thanks to all my followers, you sure know how to make a girl feel special.

Wanna win this?????

Visit DEB to enter to win the frog and THE scissors. She will announce a winner Tuesday, September 8th!!

~Live Well~laugh Often~Stitch Much~


Kathy A. said...

Great Finish
Mystic Sampler
Great gifts
Love the fabrics.
Pumpkin fob, please
And that kitchen OH MY!!!!!

pj said...

Great finish and I choose Hallow sampler...I am working on it right now. I like the black cat fob! pj

Cindy said...

Very nice finish! I think that either one of the samplers would be a good choice :)

I was really wondering what the Crypt Club was all about, too.

Sadie said...

Congrats on the finish, it's lovely. My vote goes for the Mystic one next. Isn't it great when you get stitching goodies in the mail, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! The pumpkin fob is my favourite, enter me please.
Can't wait to see your kitchen come together. Have a great week x

Irishenchantment said...

hi ranae can i be included in the giveaway? any fob i would like :)

April Mechelle said...

Oh, I love the Pumpkin Fob !!!! I love the Finish. I am going to start Earth Sampler in a week !!! Maybe some of my other projects will be finished by then. I hope !!

Marie said...

What great fabrics!! I love stitchy surprises in the mail lol. I'd love the chance at the pumpkin or cat fob. Halloween isn't big here in Australia, but I love it lol

Teresa S. said...

I vote for Hallow Sampler. My birthday is Halloween so put me in for the pumpkin fob drawing!

Doris said...

.- Great finish of earth sampler, i like it.
.- stunning fabrics!!!
.- Any fob pleeeeease.
.- Ohh!! no spider?..
.- good luck with the next step in the kitchen...

Doris said...

almost vote is for: Hallow Sampler..

Lauralness said...

Lovely finish! I like the Hallow Sampler best, but they are both lovely.
Your kitchen is getting there!!

Melody said...

great finish on the earth sampler. that is on my list of must do projects....

Please enter me in your fob drawing. Love that pumpkin fob.

doris said...

Yahoo! Cute, cute sampler.

I don't envy you your kitchen mess, but the end result will be so wonderful.

Loraine said...

Oh I love that finish! Wonderful job.
I think Hallow sampler as well. Good Although they are both great.
I love the scissor fobs! Put me down for any one of them.
Good luck with your remodel. What a job!
People like spider pictures do they? Well it's not too often that I get a picture of one, so I had to share!
Your spider is very curious as well. ICK!
Have fun stitching!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I really love the blue fob.

Congrats on the finish and oh man look at that fabric and stash....

Linda said...

What a great finish...I love Earth's waiting in my to do basket.

Both samplers are wonderful but Hollow Sampler is my choice. Love the honor of Halloween....I'd pick the pumpkin...hugs, Linda

Christine said...

Great finish! I think I would do the Mystic one next but they are both nice.
Your kitchen can only get better from here ;)
I'd love to be included in your draw, I'd choose the non-halloweeny fob or the cat one.

Wendy said...

Congrats on your finish!! You did a wonderful job!

OMG, the kitchen, but it will be nice when finished!!

Deb said...

Wow, where did your kitchen go, Ranae? I can't believe there is nothing there. I can imagine you're going crazy with all the work, but how wonderful is it going to look when done.

I'd like to enter to win a fob - any of them will be perfectly fine!

I vote for Hollow Sampler and I love your Earth Sampler finish! I can't believe you're getting things done with all the commotion in your house!

The fabrics are wonderful too and wow, it looks like there is an awful lot of grass to cut!!!!

Jan said...

Such a great finish, Ranae! I love seeing your pics and reading your blog posts!!

Oh and I would love to have a chance at winning that pumpkin fob, it is so cute!!!

And I would go with Hollow Sampler next!:)

Still keeping good thoughts about that kitchen renovation of yours! Hopefully it will be as smooth sailing, as possible!

stitcherw said...

Congrats on your finish, it looks wonderful. As to the new start, I'd go with the Mystic Sampler. There are sooo many fun Halloween designs. The fobs are too cute, my favorite is the middle, the eyes, what a great Halloween piece. Your WIP Sunflower House is looking great too, fun colors. Good luck with the kitchen,

Mylene said...

That's a lovely finish and wow! such great stash you've received.

Tammy said...

Great post! Everything is so pretty. I vote for the Halloween Sampler!

Suzanne said...

Oh, you finished Earth Sampler before me. It looks great and I would love to do another little SAL with you again! I think you should stitch Halloween Sampler next. I love the pumpkin fob. You have some great charts there, a very tidy stash haul.

Good luck with your kitchen renovations. It's never fun, but oh so satifying when it's completed.

mainely stitching said...

WOW! You've been busy. Great post!! I love your finish, and I'd vote for Mystic Sampler because I've been curious to see how that one looks stitched. ;)

Annie said...

I guess you have more time for stitching when there's no kitchen for cooking!

The sampler is fabulous. Either of the other two would be great fun.

I like the look of that Crypt Club piece too. Really looks spooky on that fabric.

Theresa said...

Next Start--Definatly the Hallow Sampler. I love halloween and cats so please enter me for the black cat fob. Nice blog--very enjoyable to read!
Theresa in NW Kansas

Sharon said...

Oh wow, congratulations on such a great finish. Its lovely, allyour work is. I love your fobs, please enter me in your drawing, they are all gorgeous. Good luck with the kitchen, it will be just fabulous when its done. oxox

Julie said...

There must be a nest in the area!
Lovely finish of Earth Sampler and great start to the BD piece.
I think you should start both samplers! Why decide!

Kathy said...

Great post. I don't know what to comment on first!
Your finish is fabulous. As for which one to do next...... Well, you choose. :)
Great fabric colors from your trade too. And you got some nice stash to add to the collection. I especially like "Witch's stitch too" I have that and am hoping to add it to my line up one day soon. :)
I love the blue fob and the black cat one is too cute. I'm easy to please. :)
I do hope that all goes according to schedule on your kitchen this week. Heck, I hope they will be ahead of schedule and have all the cabinets in for you. :)
Hey, I can dream can't I? LOL


JOLENE said...

Love the pleasing colors on your Earth Sampler, it turned out really nice. My vote is for "Hallows Sampler". Oh, and the fun fobs, gotta be the black cat....I am excited about the Crypt Club, too. Thanks for the heads up. Looks like you are progressing on the kitchen.

Carol said...

Oh, it turned out so lovely, Ranae! I love the colors... My vote would be for stitching Hallow sampler next--it would be perfect for getting in a Halloween mood :)

I would love to win the blue fob--blue is my favorite color... Thanks for the chance!

CindyMae said...

Love the finish!!! Looks fantastic! I would choose the Mystic Sampler next! Love everything! The fabrics are fantastic!!

Laura said...

Great job on Earth Sampler, Ranae! I actually put in a few stitches on it this weekend and will post a pic to my blog this week. I vote for Mystic. All the fobs are great but I love the cat eyes best.

Kim B said...

Beautiful finish! I love this design. And what great new stash! I say Hallow Sampler. And that pumpkin fob is too fun! Your kitchen! Haha. I can't wait to see it all finished.

nima said...

Sampler finish looks beautiful.

Hope it was a great mail day.

Your lawn looks beautiful...

I cannot wait to see your new Kitchen...

You sunflower SAL looks pretty too...
your 3 fobs look cute and pretty and i cannot choose one...

Siobhan said...

Beautiful finish!! I have that, well, okay, all of Lisa's spot style samplers to stitch. I can't choose which one of the Halloweenish designs to do... maybe the older one? The pumpkin fob is adorable! Great progress on the BBD-it looks great.

Julie said...

Lots of nice piccies in this post, love the finish, naught Mrs Birdie i would have like to admire her face!
Love the black cat fob.
Poor you, all that mess in the kitchen, hope it all comes together real quickly for you now.

Becky K in OK said...

Congrats on the finish.
I vote for Mystic stitch.
Love to have one of those fobs.

And that "frog" is beautiful.

Sharon said...

Beautiful finish! Congrats! Mystic Sampler would be a great start! Love the fobs-especially the blue one!

Kajsa said...

Cute finish! You are doing so well on your Sunflower Sampler, I seem to be frogging most Wednesdays. Love the fabrics and stash and of course the scissor fobs.

The kitchen will be great when it's finished, it's a tough process though.