Saturday, November 3, 2012

Garden of Eerie

Good morning!!

I finished Garden of Eerie yesterday

Plum Street Samplers
Stitched on 35ct putty with DMC, I changed the clouds 640 to 646 and the 3052 to WDW stepping stone, the lightening from 833 to WDW icicle. I'm not sure I will add the bottom "This work rot by me 2012" I won't be able to fit it in a already made frame for the size it is now, so I have to figure something out.

I was happy and lucky to find a frame to fit Midnight Watch by BBD

I did get the Primitive Needle Design in the frame I showed last post, but didn't get a snap

Enough of Halloween... On the Christmas stitching now

I picked out CCN, In the Meadow

And BBD, Merry Christmas Ella Vaughn

I'll honker down and start one tonight

I'm feeling like a little sewing machine quality time this afternoon

Have a great weekend!


cucki said...

Congratulations dear for the lovely finish..
Such a lovely frame for the midnight watch..
Sweet new charts
Happy stitching xxx

Stephanie said...

Love the 'Garden of Eerie'! Your changes really do make it look more eerie. :) It's on my to-do list for next year. Maybe you could use a larger frame with some rickrack trim around the edges to take up the open space?

And funny your next start is 'In The Meadow'. I just bought that one today! I am a snowman fanatic.

Have a great weekend and stitch a lot!

Christina said...

Ohh, how exciting - Christmas stitching - yeah! ;0)I look forward to seeing what you get stitched.
Your frame for Midnight Watch is perfect. I have that chart in my stash and I'm desperate to get it started.

Birdie said...

I applaud you on your wonderful finishes. I know I'm kicking in high gear to finish my Christmas stitching.

Can't wait to see your progress.

Myra said...

Congratulations on your beautiful finishes. Honker down...LOL, lovely choices for your next stitches.

Teresa S. said...

You have smoking hot needles, right now.
Lots of finishes, congrats!

Chris said...

So glad you found a frame for Midnight Watch! It looks great.
Congratulations on the finish too. I think I would leave off the wording too.
Great new winter projects!

Unknown said...

Your stitching looks fantastic! Congratulations on the finishes.

Brigitte said...

Congratulations! And have fun with your new start.

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Garden of Eerie...cute as a button! And your Midnight watch frame...stunning!
I love your new choices too! :)

Annie said...

Love your finishes. Looks like you are finally winding down the Halloween stitching!

Annette said...

Beautifull finish
You have done some good shopping..
Happy stitching, on your new starts

Kathy A. said...

What! Christmas charts. You are going to stitch some Christmas? LOL
Love it!

Catherine said...

Great projects ~ finished and new!

Barb said...

Your Halloween projects look great! I like your choices for Christmas.

Deborah said...

Great finish. I like it just the way it is.

Alissa said...

Awesome finishes. Love how Midnight Watch came out. The colors are great and the frame was perfect!

Giovanna said...

Congrats on the great finish, and what a great frame for Midnight Watch.

Siobhán said...

Congratulations on the finish! I love it. Great frame for Midnight Watch, too.

Suzanne said...

Great finish, congratulations!