Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Which one??

I wish everyone a very Happy and prosperous New Year 2015!!

I went shopping.... And decided to buy The Red Deer Sampler by Gigi R
I've been eyeing it for awhile now.

The linen is 36ct Confederate Grey

The fibers below are for the Samplers 4 Saisons

Each color is for a season and the brown for the tree. The linen is 40ct Flax

So now I have to decide which one to start tomorrow,

You say...

Both of them

I say "O.K."

I'm not sure how much I will get to stitch on them, we are going out of town with the kids to a Wisconsin Dells indoor waterpark hotel.

Be safe


Ruth said...

lol oh the troubles! I say one starts tonight and one starts tomorrow. Enjoy the Dells.

Phyllis said...

Have fun! Happy New Year! Looks like you got a nice one to start.

Phyllis said...

Have fun! Happy New Year! Looks like you got a nice one to start.

Barb said...

Great choices! Have a wonderful New year with your family.

Julie said...

Have a fun time.
Happy new year!

Robin said...

I like Ruth's suggestion; start one tonight and one tomorrow!

Happy New Year!

Robin in Virginia

Mouse said...

ooooo very nice choices :) and start both I would ... one tonight and one tomorrow :) wishing you a wonderful stitchy new year :) love mouse xxxxx

Margaret said...

I have the Red Deer Sampler like 3/4 done. I need to get back to it! Good going on buying it. Happy New Year!

Teresa S. said...

How did you know I would say BOTH!
he, he, he
We all think alike :)
Happy New Year, Ranae!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Happy Stitchin"
Happy New Year!
Many Blessings to You!

Brigitte said...

A nice new chart. And you chose some great colours for your Anagram design.

Anonymous said...

Lovely choice!

Best wishes in 2015!